Les services à température contrôlée kloosterboer aident Topa Thermal dans la distribution pharmaceutique mondiale

Kloosterboer, a specialist in logistics services for temperature-controlled products, is helping Topa Thermal to precondition their thermal packaging solutions, used for the distribution of temperature-sensitive medicines, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

Kloosterboer building and Connex thermal packaging box with medical people“Using Kloosterboer's temperature pre-conditioning service means that Topa Thermal can offer clients a ready-to-use packaging solution,” said Jasja Terweijden, General Manager, Kloosterboer. Now, instead of pharmaceutical, biotech and third-party logistics companies organising conditioning in-house before transportation, Topa Thermal can offer them specialist cool packs and components that are ready-conditioned, down to -20C.

 “As part of our new °Connex modular thermal packaging offering, our °Connex Parts range of coolant packs can be preconditioned by Kloosterboer to meet the exact temperature requirements for a dependable pharmaceutical cold chain distribution,” described Paul Theuns, Sales Director, Topa Thermal.  “The result is an efficient and cost-saving solution, with infrastructure and planning benefits for our customers.”

Kloosterboer has more than 4.700.000 m3 of refrigerated capacity worldwide. They specialise in storage, stevedoring, logistics, handling customs formalities and logistical IT solutions.

Topa Thermal is a global leading innovator and supplier of thermal packaging. Their specialist systems are used worldwide to safely transport medicines, vaccines and other lifesaving healthcare products.

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