Topa Thermal lance °Connex. Une nouvelle approche des solutions d’emballage thermique

New website offers additional thermal packaging choice for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical distribution.

Connex Box Visual in Test Laboratory

Topa Thermal, a global provider and innovator of transport solutions for temperature-sensitive products, has announced the launch of its °Connex website – a new line of pre-qualified (°Connex Geo) and custom (°Connex You) thermal packaging solutions for healthcare products.

°Connex Geo brings a new approach to pre-qualified thermal packaging, removing the journey time compromise often faced by companies when selecting the correct packaging for the safe and temperature-stable transport of medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products over short, medium and long distances.

The Right Solution at the Right Price

With the new innovative range of °Connex Geo solutions, transport duration is no longer the only determining factor. With over 250 pre-qualified varieties, Pharmaceutical and 3PL companies can now choose the best thermal packaging solution based on the thermal distribution challenge their product expects to face, in combination with journey length. Leading to the right solution at the right price.

With °Connex Geo pre-qualified thermal packaging solutions, customers can use the new solution finder to discover exactly the right modular system for their individual need, instead of a product that is over specified - and often overpriced - for their requirement.

Increased Customer Choice

Even pre-qualified solutions have a responsibility to meet the user’s performance and economical needs. Although °Connex Geo is a ready-to-go line, our extensive qualification will ensure no customer has to compromise or be left feeling that they are paying for other companies’ challenges,” noted Richard Harrop, Product Director of Topa Thermal. “What we are bringing to market is a truly unique approach. It focuses on client need first, and for the first time puts more choice into the user’s hands.

In addition to °Connex GEO pre-qualified solutions, customers searching for separate components can use the °Connex Parts section of the website to find separate coolants, containers or thermal covers. “And for more custom requirements, customers will be able to use our °Connex You service, where we work with them to solve their unique thermal distribution challenge,” says Richard.

Part of the Topa group, Topa Thermal is an innovator of transport solutions for temperature-sensitive products, providing safe, reliable and cost effective thermal packaging, and aiding worldwide access to medicines, vaccines and related products. All Topa Thermal’s packaging design and qualification is undertaken at their state-of-the-art ISTA certified test centre in the Netherlands.

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