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We focus on understanding the unique challenges experienced by each of the markets we serve. Our extensive thermal packaging design and manufacturing experience enable us to provide problem solving products and services to clients around the world in markets that include pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, third party logistics (3PL) providers, and nutraceutical companies.


Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturers

The critical delivery of temperature sensitive products requires effective thermal packaging as well as optimized shipping strategies, which is why pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and distributors depend on us. Our expert design, pre-qualified, custom and freight and cost saving solutions enable them to meet their temperature, regulation and compliance challenges head on to get their products those who need them most.


Clinical Trial Distribution

Clinical trials of drugs and vaccines require thermal packaging that will maintain tight temperature parameters across a variety of shipping scenarios. Outsourcing companies hired to support these trials turn to Topa Thermal Packaging for our pre-qualified line of shipping containers and gel packs fulfill their needs.


Third Party Logistics (3PL)

When third party logistics (3PL) companies need to meet the delivery demands of their pharmaceutical and biotech customers, Topa Thermal Packaging provides the planning, qualified packaging and productivity goals necessary to support the entire supply chain. Whether it’s customized thermal packaging or customer training and support, our team of engineers, designers and packaging specialists help 3PL companies meet all of their clients’ delivery requirements.


Mail Order & Specialty Pharmacies

Mail order pharmacies across the globe utilize the products and services of Topa Thermal Packaging in thermal packaging, distribution, and inventory design to optimize their networks. Our engineering and design teams focus on reducing material, labor and shipping costs while maintaining the integrity of their valuable pharmaceutical products.


Tissue/Organ Donor

Transplantation of donor organs not only requires temperature sensitive packaging, it must also meet strict regulatory standards – all within a non-profit’s budget. Topa Thermal Packaging offers non-profit organizations lightweight, fully qualified packaging that let them concentrate on what they do best – save lives.


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