GreenSmart Return-Reuse

Reduce costs, while meeting sustainability Objectives

Topa Thermal Packaging offers a comprehensive return-reuse program which can be easily be customized for each customer application, allowing for the economical reuse of many types of cold chain systems, including KoolTemp shippers and Koolit refrigerants. The GreenSmart Return-Reuse program includes:

  • Reverse logistics management
  • Product refurbishment and cleaning
  • Quality assurance to original performance standards
  • Warehousing and shipping upon various demand triggers

Upon return to one of our reclamation centers, in both the U.S. and Europe, each component is carefully inspected to original specifications and standards, cleaned as required and replaced as needed. Most components can be reused many times, significantly reducing the total packaging cost per customer shipment. Items which need to be replaced will be disposed of responsibly, and in most cases recycled.

The GreenSmart Return-Reuse Program allows customers to access real-time information regarding the number of systems in the program loop, where they are in the process and how many refurbished systems are available to ship.


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