Innovation Centre

From design, testing, qualification to compliance documentation and consulting, our ISTA™ certified lab provides a full range of services to develop industry leading, customized thermal solutions that safely protect and preserve the efficacy of your most valuable products. 

Our uncompromising temperature and mechanical test procedures are conducted under predefined and exacting conditions, ensuring our results provide you with superb thermal packaging solutions that meet all distribution needs, whilst also meeting the expectations of your regulatory authority.

Certified Expertise and Processes

Our independent ISTA™ test laboratory with a cutting-edge approach to product development, packaging design and transport simulation is ISO 9001 and ISTA™ certified. In this laboratory we also have ISTA™ certified engineers.

All tests are performed to ISO, ISTA and ASTM standards in additions to our client’s specific standards and packaging is developed in accordance with the EC standard for Essential Requirements and to the needs of the client, all while maximizing the cost/benefit ratio.

Industry Leading Technical Facilities

Our European ISTA™ laboratory hosts 17 programmable, drive-in temperature chambers, providing a testing range between -35°C and +70°C as well as providing relative humidity simulation if required.

With such wide temperature range it is possible to run all types of resistance testing as well as profiles required by any regulatory authority.

As well as temperature and humidity testing our facility also features a comprehensive mechical test laboratory and when this is coupled with a thermal packaging development program we are able to ensure that the final solution can meet all of the demands of distribution, while maintaining the payload within its required temperature range.

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