Insulated Containers

KoolTemp® Insulated Containers

High-quality temperature controlled containers that meet or exceed the standards of USDA, HAACP, DOT, and all major carriers including FedEx® and UPS®.

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Topa Thermal further prevents Ebola outbreak in Congo

We are proud to share that we can further prevent the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo through Johnson & Johnson’s donation of 500.000 vaccins. Our insulated containers have been thoroughly tested and contain high-quality insulation materials to ensure a safe arrival in Congo.

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We’re experts at designing and manufacturing the most cost-effective insulated packaging and shipping solutions to maintain your temperature-sensitive products. Using our extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, we’ll match your needs with a pre-qualified, tested, ready-to-ship container from our existing product line, or design a customized solution for any of your application needs.



Designed for the most demanding temperature requirements

KoolTemp PUR Polyurethane Containers, combined with Koolit® refrigerants, provide superior maintenance of internal payload temperatures for long time periods, even under extreme weather conditions. They’re an ideal choice to maintain your expensive payloads between +2°C to +8°C during demanding shipping conditions. These lightweight one-piece moulded polyurethane insulated packaging containers are held in an outer corrugate box sealed at the top with a soft foam polyurethane plug or rigid polyurethane friction fit lid.

Sizes range from 6 Litres to 240 Litres of payload space. Contact us for a full details.



Environmentally Friendly & Reusable

KoolTemp Pallet Shippers provide secure, easy-to-use and superior thermal protection for large size loads of temperature-sensitive products. Offering both seasonal as well as universal temperature protection coverage, our pallet and half pallet solutions can support your requirements for frozen, refrigerated, or controlled room temperature shipments.

Sizes from 250+ Litres with capacities capable of holding multiple pallet loads of product. Contact us for a full details.



Ideal for the transportation of medical products and other perishables

KoolTemp® EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Panel Sheet Insulated Containers provide space-saving, durable and efficient thermal protection for virtually any temperature-sensitive shipping application. Each 6-Panel EPS solution delivers cost-effective thermal insulation for a variety of temperature-controlled shipping requirements when combined with Koolit® refrigerants. These lightweight shipping containers provide uniform temperature control and optimal performance for the shipment of your temperature-sensitive products.

These containers can be fully customised to meet your dimensional requirements. Contact us for a full details.


Insulated Envelopes

Lightweight and freight saving

KoolTemp Insulated Envelopes are lightweight, durable, and designed with a spacious payload chamber for your temperature-sensitive articles. Available in many popular sizes, the KoolTemp insulated envelope can be used with or without standard overnight boxes for further protection. This envelope addresses the challenge of heat loss with its efficient insulation, reflective exterior surface, and virtually airtight payload chamber.



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