GTS Instant (NanoCool)

Using innovative technology to create cost-effective, compact and uncomplicated packaging that meets your temperature controlled packaging requirement.

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NanoCool technology

Water evaporating in a vacuum has seven times the cooling power of melting ice. Using the principle of evaporative cooling, NanoCool controlled-temperature packaging continuously evaporates small quantities of water at low pressure over hours and days of operation. Cooling begins within seconds of pushing a button, which releases the flow of a small quantity of water within the system, and in five minutes the cooler is working to its potential. Water flow within the cooler is regulated – responding to ambient temperatures – and this protects your product from external temperature fluctuations during shipping. Because there are no gel packs, and no need to refrigerate or freeze anything, NanoCool packaging can be stored at normal warehouse temperatures.

Easy to use

NanoCool temperature controlled packaging systems are widely used for the distribution of health care products and the collection of specimens being sent to laboratories for analysis. Here are some examples.

Distribution of pharmaceuticals, tissue and medical devices:

  • Pharmaceuticals to clinical sites and depots around the world 
  • Corneas to hospitals for transplants 
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to physicians
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to pharmacies 
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to the home 
  • Cellular therapeutics 
  • Surgical sealant 
  • Regenerative wound healing solutions

Collection of samples and specimens:

  • Specimens from clinical sites to a central lab 
  • Specimens from patients to processing facility for development of personalized therapy 
  • Specimens from patient for molecular diagnostic testing 
  • Tissue for research and development 
  • Plasma collection

how to use in 4 steps


  1. Open container, remove cooling engine and place foil-side down on a flat surface.
  2. Push straight down on the button. Within seconds, the NanoCool logo turns blue, indicating that cooling has begun.
  3. Load product in the chamber, replace cooling engine
  4. Close the container and tape it shut.

Nanocool's advantages

NanoCool’s reactive technology responds and adjusts to varying ambient temperatures, assuring that the product is protected from external temperature fluctuations throughout the duration of the shipping process. NanoCool products are typically smaller and lighter than conventional packaging. When compared to polystyrene and polyurethane packaging, the NanoCool system significantly reduces package size, resulting in lower transportation costs. NanoCool products increase efficiencies in shipping and logistics because they require less warehouse space, simplify pack out and produce less packaging waste. Your business also saves on energy costs by eliminating the need to freeze or refrigerate gel packs.

2°C tot 8°C bescherming, zonder voor conditionering

GTS Instant koelsysteem is zeven keer krachtiger dan gel packs of ijs. Het werkt door het overdragen van interne warmte naar buiten door verdamping van een kleine hoeveelheid water opgeslagen bij lage druk binnenin de verpakking. De verdamping vindt plaats bij lage temperatuur en creëert een krachtige koelend effect. Het actieve koelsysteem van GTS Instant past zich aan de omgevingstemperatuur op een wijze die conventionele koelsystemen niet doen.


System Name

Outer Size (mm)

Payload Size (mm)

Payload Volume (Litres) 

Actual Weight (Kg)

2-85225 307 x 201 x 129 216 x 119 x 41 1.0 1.7
2-85401 307 x 201 x 189 216 x 119 x 102 2.6  2.3
2-98601 352 x 305 x 262 241 x 221 x 155  8.3  4.3


System Name

Outer Size (mm)

Payload Size (mm)

Payload Volume (Litres) 

Actual Weight (Kg)

2-85361 307 x 201 x 215 216 x 119 x 76  2.0 3.4
2-98560 352 x 305 x 262 241 x 221 x 114  6.1 5.4
2-85396 307 x 201 x 251 216 x 119 x 69  1.8 4.3
2-98596 360 x 305 x 305 241 x 221 x 122  6.5  7.8

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