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product-custom_header-1000x250We realize that smart thermal packaging isn’t just about what happens inside the box, but what’s likely to occur outside it as well. Our industry leading Thermal Packaging Design process incorporates all of the “what if” scenarios, by determining the most effective solutions for fluctuating temperatures and variable shipping durations.

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Supported by our experienced and ISTA certified Topa Institute team, we will take you through our proven 5 Step design process. The result of which will be a solution that meets all the needs of your business and your supply chain.

Each custom project can be supported by a full document trail. Starting with a signed off protocol and finishing with full qualifiction reporting and full colour instructional literature. We also continue our support with the offer of onsite training for your teams.


When designing thermal packaging, we consider the entire supply chain and together with our customers, we use our 5 step method to determine the conditions during transport, the vulnerability of the product and all performance expectations of the packaging. Based on these parameters, the right test procedure is selected and executed.


1 Understanding your distribution 

The logistics route that the product follows from start to finish, has to be thoroughly understood and in close corporation with the client a realistic test plan is created.

2 Understanding your product

A detailed analysis of the product-critical specifications will provide us with the parameters for the design, which in turn informs as to which insulation and/or shock absorbing materials should be used.

3 Selecting the right materials

Choosing the correct material not only depends on the temperature fragility of the product, but also on factors such as the transport conditions, total cost and handling limitations.

4 Developing the packaging

By understanding the requirement our engineers will combine the optimal components to create a thermal solution that meets all aspects of the brief. 

5 Qualification and Implementation

Within our test labs we will define the overal performance of the final design. These results will be documented within a qualification report, which our clients use to confirm suitability of the solution within their operation.


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