Who we are

Topa Thermal is a global leading innovator and supplier of thermal systems, designed to support the safe distribution of medicines, vaccines and other life saving healthcare products for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical industries and third party logistics.

We provide a large selection of thermal packaging components and the most comprehensive engineering and testing services available in the industry. Our temperature assurance solutions keep your most valuable and sensitive products within a safe temperature range during transit.

In our design and ISTA™ testing laboratory, we engineer packaging solutions that works for you, meeting your challenges in terms of specific time and temperature requirements.


TopaThermal Packaging contributes as a supplier of global transport solutions for temperature sensitive products, especially for the life science industry, to a global access to medicines, vaccines and associated products.
With research, innovation & knowledgeTopa Thermal Packaging stands for safe, reliable and cost effective transport solutions.


Topa Thermal Packaging, together with Cold Chain Technologies, has the aim, drive and ambition to be seen as the worldwide leader and partner of innovative thermal transport solutions with  all relevant stakeholders in the life science industry by the end of 2018.

From concept to supply

We focus on research, innovation and knowledge, striving to ensure that all of our solutions offer the highest standards of performance, while also having the smallest impact on an organisation.


Our experience ensures we understand our clients specific needs and challenges, and with customer service and technical centres in both Europe and the US, we have the capability to support our clients on a global scale.


Our aim is to be constantly offering our clients the latest technologies in thermal protection for their temperature sensitive products and with our industry leading technical resources and a team of experts from a diversity of engineering and design disciplines we ensure that our products continue to be ahead of the curve.


We understand that our clients need the highest level of confidence in our thermal packaging solutions and so we have made sure that we the right accreditations and certifications in place. More information on these can be found here.


The ability to guarentee a consitant and unbroken supply of thermal packaging is critical to our clients and this need is not limited by location.

For may of our cleints there is a need for our products at multiple global locations and what must be ensured is that all supplied thermal solutions match what has been qualified and approved.

Our manufacturing sites in both Europe and the US ensure that they work closely on all aspects of material and specifiection to guarantee the supply of the right solution at all destinations.

Strategic Partner

Our manufacturing and distribution network at Topa Thermal Packaging is enhanced by our strong strategic partnerships both domestically and internationally. These partnerships combined with our full-scale production facilities in the Netherlands enable us to provide world-wide delivery of custom made and off-the-shelf thermal packaging solutions. 


Cold Chain Technologies

To ensure our solutions are widely available, without the impact of high shipping costs, Topa Thermal Packaging is partnered with Cold Chain Technologies.

Together our companies offer the following synergies and advantages to all our clients.

• Focused on pharmaceutical, biological & clinical
• Thorough quality programs: ISO, ISTA
• Combined research and development initiatives
• Positioned for continued global growth
• Mirrored manufacturing means no supply failure

Over 90 years of packaging experience and expertise

Since our founding in 1922, Topa Thermal Packaging has put expertise gathered through design, innovation, and industry research to work to create innovative packaging solutions. Today, we are proud member of the Topa Group family, a large provider of industrial and protective packaging, and supply chain services. Topa Group is now divided into the following divisions, each being an expert and leader within its sector:


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